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Anglers of the Oval Office

Given the choice, Americans like to elect fisherman to ‘the highest office of the land’. That’s the theory that angler/author Bob Rich explores in his documentary, “Anglers of the Oval Office”.

Beginning with a look-back at America’s first President, George Washington, Rich shares his interesting research on which of the country’s leaders’ hobbies included the pursuit of fish in water, fresh or salty, home or abroad. Drawing on accounts from their own memoirs, books, magazine and newspaper articles, editorials and accounts from family, friends and foes alike, he creates a fascinating and a thorough history of their time and success on the water.

Discover which President had an American battleship outfitted with a fish-fighting chair, who had a fly-tying desk installed in his office in the White House and who attempted to bribe the press into covering up the fact that he was fishing with live minnows.

The author considers himself very fortunate to have known several American presidents on both sides of the aisle and worked hard to create a film that was truly bypartisan … this in spite of the fact that one of those men he wrote about was a dear friend and often times fishing companion across the US and around the world. This relationship resulted in some intriguing insights and stories that he shares in this documentary which he has dedicated to the memory of his ‘good fishin’ buddy’ and one of the “Anglers of the Oval Office”.