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Fish Fights

When Bob “Bubba” Rich decided to embark upon his quest to qualify for the Metropolitan South Florida Fishing Tournament Hall of Fame, he didn’t realize the amount of strength he would need to accomplish his goals. By the time it all was over, he had exhibited as much strength, valor, patience, and fortitude as any angler could muster.

Rich’s ambitious quest came with some lofty goals, even for a seasoned angler. To achieve fishing fame he would need to take ten species of gamefish, on specific types of tackle, with challenging minimum weight requirements: a 25 pound barracuda, a 20 pound permit, a 25 pound dorado, a blue or white marlin, a 25 pound wahoo, a 9 pound bonefish, a sailfish of any weight, a 6 pound smallmouth bass, a 100 pound tarpon, and an 18 pound snook.

Fish with Rich as he probes the waters of south Florida and the Bahamas, searching for the ten species that will gain him entrance to the Hall of Fame. Enjoy the incredible highs he feels when finally catching a fish that qualifies; share with him the unfathomable lows when things go wrong, and he just can’t catch a break on some of the gamefish.

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