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Looking Through Water

Looking Through Water is more than one man’s journey to self-awareness. In his first novel, Rich tells a story that explores the raw emotions that make up the intricate tapestry of family structure by pulling at the threads of truth, lies and misunderstandings.

In the novel, William McKay finds himself reliving his past to help his troubled grandson, Kyle, deal with the present. The old man wants desperately to discover what is troubling the brooding boy and hopes against hope that sharing his own tortuous journey to self-discovery will lift him from his dark place.

William’s story starts on an Adirondacks lake and wends its way through Manhattan to the Florida Keys. Colorful characters from the old man’s past come to life to help him tell an unforgettable story full of surprises and suspense. Fueled by nature’s fury, men are yanked out of their comfort zones and thrown together to confront life and death. Just as McKay appears to be on the brink of permanent unmooring, a beautiful stranger unexpectedly arrives to provide the tethering he has always sought. The story twists and turns as old wounds are revealed, nerves laid raw, wrongs redressed, and lives threatened, understanding surfaces and love arrives.

With his grandfather’s past laid bare, Kyle must ultimately face how he might shape his future.

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