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Back to the Bigs

It only took 105 years!

Buffalo, New York is well known as a no-nonsense, hard-nose city of no pretense – with cold winters and passion for their professional sports teams. Bob Rich, a native son, has taken great pride in ownership positions in several of those teams including the Buffalo Sabres NHL hockey team, the Blizzard indoor soccer team, the Bandits lacrosse team and for 37 years the Buffalo Bisons baseball team.

He and his wife Mindy spent nine of those years trying to acquire a major league baseball team for his hometown.

Just when it looked like the dream was over and forgotten a pandemic came along and aided by long-term friendships formed years ago, brought with it the opportunity for a trip to the Bigs – if only for two seasons. This is the intriguing story of baseball in Buffalo and the return of major leagues to a great sports town.